About us

Hi Im Sharon the owner of Sherbies custom converse, I have been artistic and creative all my life and started selling custom hand painted shoes about 10 years ago, after first starting by painting a few pairs for myself, family and friends.

When my Sons where young they where always madly obsessed with characters from films, tv shows etc but back then I couldn't really see any cool custom converse shoes with them on, and they would have loved them! I know how happy they would have been if they did and how I probably wouldn't have got them off their feet, but anything to get them ready and out helps right?! Charlie lived in his Batman outfit and Joe in his Spiderman one, Their imagination running wild as they imagined being those characters, I know my custom converse spark the same feelings, which I'm so happy about.

I now create customised converse shoes in all different ways including creating my own heat transfers, painting and I can also personalise your custom converse shoes with a name. Please get in touch if you've got anything in particular you'd really love on your converse shoes and I'll get back to you so we can discuss what you'd like.

As of the 7th May 2024 I have rebranded from Sherbie Lemon to Sherbies